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The Beak Squad will be attending the Ohio state


After being division semi-finalists at worlds The Beak Squad will be attending The 2015 Ohio FRC State Championship. It will be held on Saturday 5/30/15 at Thurgood Marshall High School in Dayton, OH. The Beak Squad needs all of the fans that we can possibly get to come with us to competition! Find out more information about the competition here. Like us on Facebook for competition updates or follow us on Twitter!

**To allow us to have an approximate count as to how many people will be attending for The Beak Squad please fill out the form by clicking here.

Find out more about The Beak Squad and view pictures here.

Fun Fact: The Top 24 teams in the state have been invited to compete. The Beak Squad is in the top 10 in the State of Ohio!

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2015 FedEx Innovation Challenge Champions

We won the FedEx Innovation Challenge! We used our problem solving skills to answer tough questions and our team spirit and creativity to innovate unique ways of sharing the answers. Everyone on our team was an integral part to our success, go Beak Squad!! These were our award winning answers.

Important Information:

Our season's not quite over - we will be competing for the Ohio state championship Saturday, May 30 in Dayton. CHCA students in grades 8-11 who are interested in joining The Beak Squad next year can join the team for this tournament. If you're interested, please click here and

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During the World Championships The Beak Squad made it to the semi-finals on the Carson Field! We are very happy about this! Check out pictures here.

You you can relive our championship matches here!

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