The Beak Squad

FRC 4028

The Beak Squad's Season has come to a close!

We had a truly great year as we continue to learn and grow as a team. From the robot to winning the FedEx Innovation Challenge, our team has been transformed from what we once were. Praise God for all He has done for us. Thank you to all of our mentors for your service and continued mentorship. We hope to see everyone helping us throughout the summer! Share if you agree!

2015 FedEx Innovation Challenge Champions

We won the FedEx Innovation Challenge! We used our problem solving skills to answer tough questions and our team spirit and creativity to innovate unique ways of sharing the answers. Everyone on our team was an integral part to our success, go Beak Squad!! These were our award winning answers.

During the World Championships The Beak Squad made it to the semi-finals on the Carson Field! We are very happy about this! Check out pictures here.

You you can relive our championship matches here!

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